My dad is the one to blame for getting me into photography. From an early age he would let me take a disposable camera on holiday. Later taking the negatives to a photoshop so I could see the final imagies in all their blurry glory.

To this day I credit my passion for photography, especially wild-life photography for my keen eye for detail.

I've put some of my favouries into a gallery below


One summer, while still at university I was looking for something to occupy the extra time I had.

I'd always had an interest in new technologies and 3d printing had piqued my interest several times. With the help of a summer job and an affordable buit-it-yourself kit based FDM printer I was able to finally call it a hobby of mine.

I've made many things over the years, from models of my own design to practical things and stuff from pop culture (like a life-size replica bolt pistol from Warhammer)

The two things I'm most proud of are the halloween costumes I created for the annual costume competition at work. The "Spooky Deer" and "Spooky Bear" won me best costume two years in a row.